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MensSana Journal is a Research in Sports, Health and Recreation Education

MensSana Journal collects research articles in the fields of Physical Education, Physical Education, Health in Physical Education, and Recreation in sports education. The scope of this journal specializes in the Development of Learning Processes; Study of Physical Education Curriculum; Learning Strategies and Methods, Development of Learning Facilities and Infrastructure, Physical Education Technology; Improving the Quality of Student Health; Sports in society Recreational sports realization refers to improving the quality of learning, movement skills, and the development of facilities and infrastructure through the development of learning technology. Journal of MensSana Already Accredited by SINTA 3 from Vol. 5. No. 1 Edition November 2020
ISSN                          : 2527-645X (Print) 2622-4917 (Online)
Frequency               : Semi-annual (2 editions per year) in May & November
Publication              : Indonesian and English
Editor In Chief        : Arie Asnaldi
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Volume 5, Issue 2, November Issue 2020
Jurnal MensSana
Receiving Research Results in the Field of Sports, Health and Recreation Education
ISSN Online : 2622-4917 ISSN Print : 2527-645X 
Publisher: Universitas Negeri Padang, Pusat Kajian Pendidikan Olahraga, Kesehatan & Rekreasi
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Current Issue

Vol 5 No 2 (2020): Jurnal MensSana

The MensSana Journal is a collection of research articles in the areas of Physical Education, Health and Recreation, and Development of Physical Education Teaching and Learning Processes through Classroom Action Research from the following fields of study: Curriculum Study, Learning Strategies, Learning Methods, Means and Targeting, Micro Teer Teaching, and Health Physical Education and Recreation Technology. 

Published: 2020-07-15


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